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Double Donut Starter Bundle

These starter donut kits make two dozen delicious, gourmet donuts in two flavors.

Funfetti Donuts are vanilla donuts mixed with rainbow sprinkles and topped with a strawberry and cream glaze made with real freeze-dried strawberries. Rainbow sprinkles on top add an extra pop of color. These delicious donuts are not only super cute but also super easy to make. 

 Chocolate Crunch Donuts are donuts glazed with rich, Belgian chocolate and topped with tri-color Crispearls (a tiny toasted biscuit coated in dark, milk, and white chocolate) for added crunch!

What's In The Box?

  • Funfetti Donuts Ingredient Kit
  • Chocolate Crunch Donuts Ingredient Kit
  • Funfetti Donuts Recipe Card
  • Chocolate Crunch Donuts Recipe Card
  • Silicone Donut Pans (2)
  • Silicone Heat Resistant Spatula
  • Rainbow Whisk

    What's in the Funfetti Ingredient Kit?

    Donut Mix*

    Freeze-dried Strawberries

    Rainbow Sprinkles

    Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

    Powdered Sugar

    Piping Bag

    * Donut Mix is a mix of Organic Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Sea Salt and Nutmeg.

    What's in the Chocolate Crunch Ingredient Kit?

    Donut Mix*

    Callebaut Dark Chocolate

    Mini Crispearls**

    Pure Vanilla Bean Paste

    Piping Bag

    * Donut Mix is a mix of Organic Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Sea Salt and Nutmeg.

    ** Mini Crispearls are tiny, crunchy biscuit bits Coated in White, Dark & Milk Callebaut Chocolate.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This donut bundle makes 24 donuts. Each individual ingredient kit makes 12 donuts.

    The usual prep time for each donut kit is about 30 minutes.

    The usual baking time for each donut kit is about 10 minutes with a metal pan, and about 15 minutes with our silicone pans at 350 F.

    The baking temperature is 350 F.

    We use organic flour and organic 100% fruit powder in our kits. While we strive to offer the best quality ingredients, these kits are NOT 100% organic. Also, because we use wheat flour, they are NOT gluten-free. We are planning to expand our range, so stay tuned for more options!

    Absolutely! Feel free to get creative and add your own twist to our recipes. We'd love to see your creations – tag us on social media!

    Not at all! Our baking kits are designed for both novices and experienced bakers. The provided recipe card offers clear instructions to guide you every step of the way.

    Shipping and Returns

    Shipping times vary based on location. On average, domestic orders take 3-5 business days. Express shipping options are available at checkout.

    We aim for perfection, but accidents can happen. If your kit arrives damaged or incomplete, please contact us immediately and we'll make it right.

    Yes, we accept returns if the items are unused and not damaged. Returns must be made within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

    Absolutely! Our baking kits make perfect gifts for baking enthusiasts or anyone looking to try their hand at baking. If you’d like to include a personalized message, please specify at checkout.


    The kits should be stored in a cool, dry place, like your kitchen pantry.

    We recommend using our baking kits within 3-6 months for optimum freshness.

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